Teaching and Learning Tools

Course Web Sites

Sakai is a self-publishing platform for DKU student, faculty, or staff member to create a WordPress site. Allows you to host information needed in the class, which may include the syllabus, course materials and resources, online quizzes/exams, announcements, discussion forums, and more.

DKU students who log into Sakai will see that they have access to all their active course sites. Selecting their course from the toolbar near the top of the page will provide access to that course site.

Faculty seeking to learn how to use their site or post materials online may first wish to consult the online Sakai support site. Or, please contact DKU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to request training and assistance with your Sakai site.

Note: Duke University and Duke Kunshan University will transition from Sakai to Canvas during the 2023-2024 academic year. No changes will occur during the 2022-2023 academic year.  

Learn more about Canvas coming to Duke: https://lmstransition.duke.edu(link is external).

Sites@Duke Express is a self-publishing platform for any Duke student, faculty, or staff member to create a WordPress site.  Find out more information or request a WordPress site from sites.duke.edu.

Duke MediaWiki is a wiki-space for collaborating and posting materials. 

Audiovisual communication and collaboration services

DKU provide online tools for audiovisual communication and collaboration, including video conferencing, audio calls, screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboarding, as well as video creation and recording, to support users in conducting remote meetings, online learning, collaboration, and information sharing.

Zoom is available to all Duke and DKU faculty, staff, and students. This tool will provide great assistance in remote teaching/learning, conferencing, and collaboration, especially during this period of difficult time of fighting coronavirus. Now Zoom is becoming the preferred and supported video conferencing tool, you can go to https://it.dukekunshan.edu.cn/zoom-instruction/ to learn more.

Panopto allows you to record and share video. Many Duke instructors use Panopto to capture their lectures, accompanying slide presentations, and more. With Panopto, you can share recordings anywhere, including in Sakai courses, and automatically import/save Zoom recordings for feature-rich reviewing/sharing, search for and jump to a keyword in a recording’s audio transcription or table of contents or navigate via thumbnails through an accompanying slide presentation.

Warpwire allows you to stream pre-recorded videos to password protected or non-password protected audiences as well as embed video in such applications as Sakai, WordPress or the Duke MediaWiki.

Classroom Audiovisual(A/V) Services

In Phase I of DKU campus, consists of three buildings of Academic Building (AB), Innovation Building (IB), and Community Center (CC). The campus offers a variety of spaces, ranging from large to small, including Auditorium, Ballroom, Lecture Hall, as well as standard classrooms like Lecture Hall, Seminar Room, and Meeting Room, and team rooms. All these rooms are equipped with A/V equipment, allowing for projection of class materials, playback of A/V materials, and telephone or video conferences. DKU recommends the use of Zoom as the official video conferencing software and provides Zoom licenses for faculty and staff, and students.

Standard classrooms are equipped with cameras and microphones to accommodate hybrid teaching modes. Touch control panels are available in these classrooms, making it easy for instructors to operate. Computers need to be connected to the podium’s HDMI cable to user PC for the projection equipment and local microphones, as well as the USB cable to connect the auxiliary camera for remote teaching.

Small meeting rooms and team rooms are mostly equipped with Zoom Rooms video conferencing systems for simple video conferencing and teaching purposes.

Large conference venues are capable of hosting various events, but the A/V systems are more complex. Please contact the DKU IT Service Desk at least 1-2 weeks in advance to inform them of your specific requirements, so that the IT team can arrange for a specialist to coordinate the connection and video quality testing for your activities.

Survey Tool

Duke’s survey tool (Qualtrics) is available for DKU student, faculty and staff use.  This tool can be helpful in creating basic surveys, forms for data collection, and other academic uses. 

More information, including sources of support/training, is available at OIT’s Qualtrics web site – https://oit.duke.edu/what-we-do/applications/qualtrics