Teaching and Learning Tools

Course Web Sites

Most DKU courses use Duke’s Sakai learning management system (sakai.duke.edu) to host information needed in the class, which may include the syllabus, course materials and resources, online quizzes/exams, announcements, discussion forums, and more.

DKU students who log into Sakai will see that they have access to all their active course sites. Selecting their course from the toolbar near the top of the page will provide access to that course site.

Faculty seeking to learn how to use their site or post materials online may first wish to consult the online Sakai support site. Or, please contact DKU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to request training and assistance with your Sakai site.

In addition to Sakai, instructors may also choose to request a separate website for their course’s use on the Duke WordPress service, sites.duke.edu.  Typical uses of these sites are as alternative course websites, e-portfolios for student work, individual/group blogs, project/group websites, or for the curation of multimedia resources.  Find out more information or request a WordPress site from sites.duke.edu.

Multimedia Streaming Services

Several options exist to support faculty who wish to make multimedia audio/video available to their classes.  These include the Warpwire, video hosting tool, along with the DukeStream service for online media streaming.

For help determining which streaming solution would work best for your class, please contact DKU IT for help.

Classroom Audiovisual Services

The DKU campus’ large classrooms (rooms 1095 and 1103) and smaller classrooms/team rooms feature state-of-the-art multimedia technologies for projecting lecture information, playing back audio/video materials in class, and facilitating Telepresence meetings and videoconferences.  The rooms include cameras and room microphones to facilitate optional class recording/capture (from the instructor laptop) or Telepresence uses.

The Crestron panel that controls the classroom audiovisual technology is located in each room.  Computers will need a VGA or HDMI connector on their laptop to connect to the projector; a limited number of adapters is available.

Please inform the DKU Service Desk of any planned Telepresence or other video activities as far as possible in advance of any class or other activities requiring them.  DKU’s IT team will want to work with you and any remote sites to test the connection and video quality ahead of your class or meeting.  In addition, if you are planning to use lecture capture capabilities (Panopto/DukeCapture), the Panopto mobile recorder must be installed on your computer and you will wish to connect your laptop to the room cameras/mics; DKU’s IT support team can provide assistance.

Lecture Capture

The DukeCapture (Panopto) service allows faculty to optionally record one or more parts of their lectures – including PowerPoint presentation, computer screen contents, lecture audio, and camera input – for later review and playback by students and others.  To use the service, faculty install a Panopto client on their Windows or Mac computer and can start recording at the beginning of a lecture; recordings are uploaded to the server as bandwidth permits.

Students whose courses are captured can view videos at http://dku.capture.duke.edu.

Faculty interested in using DukeCapture (Panopto) for their courses should contact DKU IT for more information and to request training and assistance.

Survey Tool

Duke’s survey tool (Qualtrics) is available for DKU student, faculty and staff use.  This tool can be helpful in creating basic surveys, forms for data collection, and other academic uses.  More information, including sources of support/training, is available at OIT’s Qualtrics web site.

Instant Messenger

Duke provides a free instant messaging platform for student, faculty and staff use.  This popular, open standards-based system (Jabber XMPP) is secure and has clients available for multiple computer and mobile device platforms.  Find out more at OIT’s Instant Messaging web site.