ePrint Information

Save by printing in black and white (BW) and double-sided:

  • DKU encourages printing in BW – and it’s easy to do – just print to the BW Queues.
  • Print to the Color Queue only when needed.
  • Printing to Color costs DKU 10 times as much as B&W printing.
  • Your account will be go down by RMB 3 for each color piece of paper and only RMB 0.3 for BW.
  • Print double-sided for additional savings.
  • A double-side printout is half the cost of single-sided. (A four-page color printout is priced at RMB 12 single-sided, but only RMB 6 for double-sided.)

ePrint installation

PC users click here:  ePrint Install for PCsMac users click here:  ePrint Install for Macs

  1. A file will be downloaded – double-click or run the download.
  • On Windows 10 machines you need to click “More Information” and “Run Anyway”
  • Some virus checkers require extra approvals for the install
  • On student PCs you may wish to disable your virus checker, do the install, and then restart virus check
  1. For PCs, look for a window that says “Installer” – and then click “Install.” (The window may be hidden under other screens.)
  2. For Macs, click the downloaded DMG file, then click the “Popup” file

ePrinter locations

After you install ePrint, you should print from your Mac or PC and select one of these ePrinters:

1) ePrint-Ricoh-BW 
2) ePrint-Ricoh-Color
3) ePrint-Lexmark-BW

  • If you print to a Ricoh, you can go to any Ricoh to get your pages.
  • If you print to a Lexmark, you can go to any Lexmark to get your pages.

Academic Building ePrinters:

AB 2nd floor, near ReceptionRicohColor & BW
AB 2nd floor, near 2A33RicohColor & BW
AB 2nd floor, 2004 mail roomRicohColor & BW
AB 3rd floor, near room 3221RicohColor & BW
AB 3rd floor, near room 3031RicohColor & BW
AB 1st floor, in Library, left of entranceRicohBW only

Faculty Lounge ePrinter:

Faculty Lounge, 1025RicohColor & BW

Conference Center ePrinter:

CC 1st floor, near room 1071RicohColor & BW
CC 2st floor, near room 2056RicohColor & BW
CC 2st floor, Near room 2095RicohColor & BW

Student Residence ePrinter:

Student Residence, 2nd floor, main loungeRicohBW
Student Residence, 1st floor Ricoh, staffRicohBW

Building 6 ePrinter:

6# room 1017RicohColor & BW
16# room 1016CRicohColor & BW

Innovation Building ePrinter:

1st floor west hallwayRicohColor & BW
1st floor north east hallwayRicohColor & BW
2016RicohColor & BW
2031RicohColor & BW & Stapler
2062RicohColor & BW
3028RicohColor & BW
3031RicohColor & BW & Stapler
3088RicohColor & BW
2nd floor east hallwayRicohB/W
3rd floor east hallwayRicohB/W

WHU-DUKE Research Institute ePrinter

1F LobbyRicohColor

Administration Building ePrinter


Library ePrinter

1F LobbyRicohColor

Sports Complex ePrinter


Community Center #E ePrinter


Undergraduate Residence


Graduate Center

  • Print from your PC or Mac and select one of these ePrinters:
    • ePrint-Ricoh-BW; 
    • ePrint-Ricoh-Color; or 
    • ePrint-Lexmark-BW.
  • It will request your NetID.
  • Go to an ePrinter (a Ricoh or a Lexmark, depending on which one you selected)
  • Swipe your ID card on the Card Scanner. (It will beep.)
  • Select “Print All”  (or select the documents you wish to print).
  • When done, log out to avoid accidental charges going onto your account. (One way to logout: Swipe your card again.)

How to use ePrint


  • You can print any number of documents from your PC, then go to a printer and get them all at once.
  • If you do not print a document from an ePrinter within 12 hours, it will be deleted from ePrint (and there will be no charge).
  • If your desired ePrinter has a problem, you can go to another ePrinter to get your pages.

ePrint accounts for faculty and staff

  • Faculty and staff will have unlimited pages for this academic year.
  • Your account will initially be credited with RMB 8,000 (much more than anyone will need).
  • By starting with a (large) fixed amount, we can track spending by department.

ePrint accounts for students

  • Students are given RMB 2,400 in ePrint funding to cover their entire academic period. This is enough to print 16,000 BW images (pages) onto 8,000 pieces of paper. This should be more than enough for student printing needs.
  • Students should print in BW.
  • There are no refunds for unspent ePrint funds.

Copying and scanning

Copying and scanning can be performed by faculty and staff (and by students only when requested to do so by faculty or staff). 

  • Go to a Ricoh ePrinter and scan your card.
  • Press the “Home” key.
  • Press the “Scan” or “Copy” button, then scan or copy as normal.
  • Copies will be charged to your ePrint account at the same rate as printing. Scanning is free.
  • Copy in BW when possible. Color is 10 times as expensive as BW
  • When done, log out to avoid accidental charges going onto your account. (Easy way to logout: Swipe your card again.)