All students, faculty and staff at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) receive a Duke NetID. It is your electronic key to a variety of services, and you will use this as your username when logging into systems at DKU and/or Duke.

  • Students are assigned a NetID when they accept a DKU admissions offer (matriculate) and will receive a link to activate their NetID via the email address they provided on their college application.
  • Faculty and staff hired by DKU will be assigned a NetID by the Office of Human Resources (HR). Contact HR staff for assistance in initiating the process.
  • Current Duke students, faculty and staff will continue to use their Duke NetID while at DKU. They will not receive another NetID.

NetID passwords

In the activation process, you will be required to create a strong, secure NetID password. Optionally, you can also enable multifactor authentication, which requires you to own a device to be able to access some or all NetID-protected services. We strongly recommend enabling multifactor authentication.

Your NetID is private and for your use only. Do not share your password with anyone or provide someone else access to software, services or resources protected by NetID. No one at DKU or Duke will ever ask for your password – report any requests for your password to DKU IT (typically from viruses or phishing emails).

Frequently asked questions about NetID passwords.

Manage your NetID account

To change your password, set up challenge/response questions for identity verification, update your directory listing, and find other people at DKU or Duke, visit