DKU Information Technology (DKU IT) provides computing and technology resource support to DKU students, faculty and staff, including visiting Duke students and faculty.

DKU students, faculty and staff have access to a wide range of IT services, including NetIDs, network access, email, computer software, course web sites (Sakai) and multimedia, lecture capture, and voice/videoconferencing services, among others.

How To Get IT Help

Contact the DKU IT Service Desk at or visit the staff in the IT office at Academic Building 2004.  You may also contact DKU IT with the following methods:

  • China-based faculty/staff/students: 400-816-7100,  (+86) 0512- 3665-7100
  • US-based faculty/staff/students (+1) 919-660-1810
  • International-based faculty/staff/students can use either telephone option (recommend using tools like Skype calling)
  • Live Chat:
  • Email: