Telephone and Video Services

Telepresence and Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing and telepresence calls may be scheduled between DKU and collaborators at Duke and other institutions worldwide. Equipment is available to support point-to-point video calls; in addition, bridge services are available for multi-party calls if required.  A software client (Cisco Jabber Video for Telepresence, formerly known as Movi) is also available to allow telepresence connections from a Windows or Macintosh personal computer. 

Please contact DKU IT at least five business days ahead of the planned call; please provide information on the conferring parties including contact information, as DKU IT will need to verify with their IT/audiovisual support staff that they have access to compatible equipment.  (Typically this includes a codec or other equipment to support SIP-based telepresence or videoconference calls.)

WebEx Conferencing

DKU faculty and staff may request a Cisco WebEx account for web conference meetings.  WebEx users can communicate by audio, video and/or through sharing documents or a computer desktop among multiple participants.  You can invite participants from within DKU, Duke, or anyone worldwide via their email account, and a simple web-based client provides them access to all aspects of a WebEx meeting.  WebEx accounts for DKU make use of Cisco voice over IP (VoIP) technology for the audio portion of all calls; at this time, dial-in phone numbers (WebEx Audio) are not available for DKU use.  VoIP calls are handled through your computer, not a telephone.  While you can use your laptop speakers/microphone, for best sound quality we strongly recommend using a headset or earphones/mic for best audio quality.

Telephony Services

Voice over IP [VoIP] phones are installed in offices and selected public locations.  These phones connect to the China Telecom national phone network and will also offer non-cost, Internet-based dialing to Duke campus phone numbers.  For information about services that will be delivered through Duke’s Cisco VoIP phone service, please contact DKU IT.